Cody Beals

Professional triathlete, nerd in jock's clothing


Jan 27 2020

My Pro Triathlon Diet

Few topics inspire more heated debate and strong convictions than diet. Especially among athletes, nutrition elicits more passionate discussions than politics or religion. Not surprisingly, it’s been the subject that I’ve received the most requests to write about. My aim with this post is to give you a brutally honest, no BS look at what it takes to … Continue reading My Pro Triathlon Diet

Dec 31 2019

2019 Media Roundup

ARTICLE: TMC Triathlete of the Year: Beals and Brown take top honours (January 16) INTERVIEW: Catching up with Cody Beals (February 12) – I reflect on a breakthrough 2018 and share some of my off-season struggles with Triathlon Magazine Canada. INTERVIEW: Cody Beals’ Next Act (February 14) – An introduction by my new apparel sponsor, Wattie Ink, touching on … Continue reading 2019 Media Roundup

Oct 31 2019

Lessons from my Kona debut

There were high hopes and even higher pressure leading into my first Vega IRONMAN World Championship, coming off three wins in three starts at the distance. An unfortunate mechanical issue ended my day, but I faced other humbling lessons and challenges even before making it to the start line. Watch my candid recap of the experience and … Continue reading Lessons from my Kona debut