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PTO Profile Bio Cody Beals


ARTICLE: Cody Beals is Triathlon Magazine Canada’s 2019 Men’s Long-Distance Triathlete of the Year (January 10)

INTERVIEW: Offseason with the pros: Cody Beals (January 30) – I did things differently this offseason and shared some reflections on the Wattie Ink Blog.




PODCAST: Pursuit of the Perfect Race 344 – Pandemic Series (April 8) – How I’m coping with the upheaval of the pandemic.

WEBINAR: Cody Beals & AJ Baucco: Real Talk, Mental Health (April 8) – AJ and I open about our mental health: challenges, progress and effective strategies.

INTERVIEW: Dealing with COVID-19: Cody Beals resets (April 16) I caught with Triathlon Magazine Canada about adapting to the new normal.

VR RACE: IRONMAN Virtual Racing Series VR3 Pro Challenge (April 19) I tackled my first VR cycling race: a 2 × 20 km time trial broadcast live from my basement pain cave.



INTERVIEW: How Cody Beals Trains and Races Indoors (April 22) How I’m switching gears given the hiatus from racing.

INTERVIEW: Toronto Triathlon Festival Life Well Lived Challenge Launch (April 27) A candid interview interview with Steve Fleck to kick off a new TTF initiative.

PODCAST: The Real Triathlon Podcast: Cody Beals (May 9) Expectation vs reality as a professional triathlete. A chat with three of my good friends and fellow pros about the state of the sport.

PODCAST: Healthy Body Part 1 (May 12) A special feature on body image and disordered eating in triathlon and endurance sports presented by Inside Tri Show and Witsup. One of the most personal and important messages I’ve shared.



VIDEO: The experience of coming out as a Professional Triathlete  (June 30) My friend Rach McBride and I opened up about our experiences as queer pro triathletes in this PTO feature.



PODCAST: Business & Sports Discourse: Cody Beals Part I – Income Generation for a Pro Triathlete When Races are Cancelled (July 8) What does it take to get by as a pro triathlete in a pre- and post-pandemic world? This two-part interview touched on sponsorship, self-branding, budgeting, the role of IRONMAN and PTO, the rise of social media and more.



VIDEO: Cody Beals and Rach McBride tackle the tough topics of mental health in triathlon (July 10)

VIDEO: Cody Beals and Rach McBride tackle the tough topics of mental health in triathlon (July 10) Rach McBride and I were back on the PTO Hub to talk authenticity, mental health, trash talk and double standards in pro triathlon.

VIDEO: Cody Beals on his disappointing Kona debut with Rach McBride (July 21)

VIDEO: C3 Old School Long Course Triathlon | Pro Race (July 31) After months off racing due to the pandemic, I shook off the cobwebs at a local “old school” triathlon complete with a pro-only field, prize purse, physical distancing measures and impressive coverage.


Photo: Trent Dilkie


MAGAZINE: Triathlete Magazine PROfile: How Cody Beals Found Self-Acceptance (online and July print issue)

PODCAST: The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Cody Beals Practices Radical Transparency (August 12) Coping with pressure, learning from a disastrous Kona debut, training and living like a minimalist, setting incremental goals, coming out and more in this wide-ranging chat with the Editor of Triathlete Magazine.



ARTICLE: Cody Beals’ Ironman-winning flexitarian diet (September 10) Triathlon Magazine Canada shares a look at my dietary philosophy and fueling routines.

VIDEO: Jackson Laundry, Cody Beals & Taylor Reid’s Triathlon Review (C3 Old School Triathlon) (September 10) Recapping an unique local race experience with my best frenemies.

GUEST BLOG: Top 5 Recovery Tips After a Hard Training Session (September 18) A summary of my no-bs strategies to maximize recovery on the Vega blog.


Cody Beals Vega recovery cat


VIDEO SERIES: Neuff Red Front & Centre (ongoing) On the Effects of Lockdown on Training, On the Benefits of Taking Time Off

INTERVIEW: ‘Revolutionary’: PTO’s funding boost is the dream ticket for Beals (November 25) My thoughts on the unprecedented $1.25M prize purse at the PTO 2020 Championship and what it means for pro triathlon.

PODCAST: The AGA Triathlon Podcast (November 26) We talked about making the leap from age group to pro triathlon, perfectionism, nutrition, (self-)coaching and more.

INTERVIEW: Cody Beals on Breakfast with Bob at Challenge Daytona (December 3)



INTERVIEW: Wattie Ink Professionals Rock the PTO Championship (December 8) Some thoughts on my race experience at the de facto 2020 World Championship.

PODCAST: Fitspeek 122: Perfectionism – a double-edged sword (in conversation with Ironman Champion Cody Beals) (Dec 31) We talked about motivations, perfectionism, fears and rivalries.