ARTICLE: TMC Triathlete of the Year: Beals and Brown take top honours (January 16)

INTERVIEW: Catching up with Cody Beals (February 12) – I reflect on a breakthrough 2018 and share some of my off-season struggles with Triathlon Magazine Canada.

INTERVIEW: Cody Beals’ Next Act (February 14) – An introduction by my new apparel sponsor, Wattie Ink, touching on my success in 2018 and the challenge of building on those results and coping with the newfound pressure.

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GUEST POST: Cody Beals’ Progressive Treadmill Intervals (February 20) – I described one of my favorite treadmill workouts on the Wattie Ink blog.

PODCAST: On-Course Nutrition Tips & KONA/Roth Debut Talk with Cody Beals! (March 5) – On this episode of the Pacing & Racing Show, I shared a detailed breakdown of my fueling plan, training and mindset gearing up for an ambitious season.

GUEST POST: The Weather is Better and Cody Beals is Outside! (March 25) – I outline another one of my favorite run workouts on the Wattie Ink blog.

INTERVIEW: The Art of Battle: 6 Tactics to Slay Your Competitors (May 2) – I share six strategies that I employ to get the most out of myself in close-fought races in this interview with Suunto.

VIDEO: Cody Beals ION-Retro Wave LTD Collection (May 16) – A fun video to launch my first limited edition collection with Wattie Ink!

INTERVIEW: Cody Beals Keeps Setting Records: What Habits Does He Employ to Get There? (August 27) – Another Wattie Ink blog post on my approach and changes leading to my repeat win at IMMT.

INTERVIEW: A Repeat Win At IRONMAN Mont Tremblant (August 30) – I spoke with Ventum about my record day at IMMT, Kona debut, early season challenges and off-season plans.

ARTICLE: Road to Kona: Cody Beals’ Clear Race Strategy (September 13) – I discuss how I’m wrapping my head around Kona and my not-so-secret weapon on the Suunto blog.

INTERVIEW: Guelph Ironman Cody Beals sets his sights on World Championship (September 17) – An interview with local sports media fixture Rob Massey on my triathlon career and Kona debut.

Photo: Ventum / Justin Diamond

PODCAST: Le Run Down (September 18) – A wide-ranging conversation recorded just hours after my IMMT win.

PODCAST: Fitter Radio Episode 283 – Cody Beals (September 28) – A conversation with Bevan McKinnon focusing on lessons from my six year pro career.

VIDEO: 2019 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Cody Beals (October 10) – A pre-race chat with the legendary Bob Babbitt.

VIDEO: Cody Beals prepares for his Ironman World Championship debut (October 10) – A pre-race interview with Triathlon Magazine Canada.

VIDEO: Cody Beals unplugged (November 6) – A frank conversation with Triathlon Magazine Canada reflecting on my humbling Kona debut, a big day at IMMT, injuries, home renos and off-season weight gain!

PLAYLIST: Cody Beals’ Monster Pre-race Playlist (November 12) – Listen to my IMMT pre-race playlist on the Wattie Ink blog. From breaky at dark o’clock to the race start, this eclectic playlist gradually builds in intensity to get me in the zone.

PODCAST: Endurance Innovation 30 – Cody Beals (December 6) – I chatted with co-hosts Andrew Buckrell (4iiii) and Michael Liberzon (X3 Training) about testing, qualitative vs quantitative metrics, body weight, sponsors, social media, blowing up treadmills, the next frontier in performance & more!

Photo: Matthew Johnston
Photo: Matthew Johnston