Cody Beals

Professional triathlete, nerd in jock's clothing


Jul 09 2019

My Fifth Year Pro Triathlon Budget

How does a glorified hobby evolve into a six figure business? I’d like to tell you that it was the product of a childhood dream plus decades of planning come to fruition. But to be honest, teenage me would be shook by the unlikely direction my life and career have taken. Growing up, my parents espoused the principles of simple … Continue reading My Fifth Year Pro Triathlon Budget

May 02 2019

The Art of Battle

How do I get the most out of myself in close-fought races? I shared six of my strategies on the Suunto blog. I recently had to play all of these cards battling to 2nd place at Challenge Cancun! My tactics have come a long way since my professional debut and I’m humbled by all that I’ve yet to … Continue reading The Art of Battle

Apr 01 2019

Growing Pains

This isn’t the post I intended to write. That was meant to be the fifth edition of my annual pro triathlon budget—a feel-good account of my best season ever, both on the race course and at the bank. That post is still coming, but another felt more urgent. You’d think that after such as a … Continue reading Growing Pains