Cody Beals

Professional triathlete, nerd in jock's clothing


Feb 22 2018

My Fourth Year Pro Triathlon Budget

Welcome to the fourth edition of my annual budget as a full-time professional triathlete! Much to my initial surprise, these posts about my finances have become perennial favourites. Perhaps this reflects our collective obsession with money or the almost voyeuristic thrill of peeking into someone else’s finances. The past year was a tough one for … Continue reading My Fourth Year Pro Triathlon Budget

Jan 15 2018

Video: Why use a power meter?

Find out why a power meter is my most indispensable tool for training and racing in this introductory video presented by Pioneer. #powerisking

Dec 04 2017

Anti-Doping & My “Biological Passport”

This title is admittedly a little clickbaity. I’m not part of any athlete biological passport program. For that matter, I never even get doping control tests…. Well almost never. Only once in my four years as a professional triathlete have I had the distinct—um—experience of peeing in a cup in front of a stranger. That was two … Continue reading Anti-Doping & My “Biological Passport”