With two IRONMAN wins and three IRONMAN 70.3 wins, 2018 was my strongest season ever. Not surprisingly, it was also my busiest in terms of media with dozens of podcasts, interviews, videos and more. I put together a list highlighting some of this content. Enjoy!

IMMT finish 2 (Korupt Vision)
Photo: Korupt Vision

VIDEO: A day in the life | Swim analysis with Guelph’s pros – Triathlon Magazine Canada (January 3) – Follow me through a training day and swim analysis session with my fellow Guelph based training partners Jackson Laundry and Taylor Reid.

VIDEO: A day in the life | Beals, Reid and Laundry on their group dynamic – Triathlon Magazine Canada (January 8) – Bantering with Jackson Laundry and Taylor Reid about our group training dynamic, the state of pro triathlon and more.

VIDEO: Why use a power meter? presented by Pioneer (January 15) – Why I consider a power meter to be an indispensable tool for training and racing.

VIDEO: Cody Beals on maturing as an athlete, life and the future – Triathlon Magazine Canada (March 6) – A pre-season interview reflecting on a challenging year, the scene in my hometown Guelph and my Ironman debut.

VIDEO: IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan Winning Race Recap (April 3) – I talk about my successful season opener in Taiwan—my first time racing in Asia!

PODCAST: IMTalk Episode 610 (March 26) – A conversation about finances, professionalism, sponsors and my Ironman debut on this iconic show.

Podium (AFP)

PODCAST: JayMac Tri’s Episode 22 (May 1) – A wide-ranging chat touching on my unconventional path, transition from amateur to pro, IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan win, sponsorship, home renos, “old man strength” and more!

VIDEO: IRONMAN 70.3 Monterrey Race Recap (May 24) – I reflect on a disappointing 7th place in Monterrey.

VIDEO: IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria Winning Race Recap (June 6) – My thoughts on my first professional win on home soil!

VIDEO: IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman Winning Race Recap (June 13) – Breaking down my back-to-back win at Eagleman, just a week after Victoria and my third time winning this historic race.

VIDEO: Cody Beals makes IRONMAN debut this weekend Triathlon Magazine Canada (August 15) – An interview before my debut at IRONMAN Mont Tremblant.

VIDEO: Cody Beals’ long day ahead of Ironman Mont Tremblant (August 17) – Follow me through one of my longest training days in the build to IMMT with narration by my coach/mentor David Tilbury-Davis.

VIDEO: Live coverage of IRONMAN Mont Tremblant by IRONMAN Now (Part I & Part II) (August 19) – Outstanding coverage and commentary of my win and course record at IMMT.

VIDEO: IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant Interview with Cody Beals (August 22) – Brief thoughts on my record setting performance at IMMT.

FORUM: Ask Me Anything: Debut Win & 8:10 Course Record at IMMT! – My “ask me anything” thread on the Slowtwitch forum. A deep dive into my IMMT performance including training, nutrition, psychology, equipment and more.

VIDEO: IRONMAN Now 40 Years of Dreams Weekly Show – Episode 15 (August 23) – A brief live interview reflecting on my day at IMMT.

PHOTOS: Cody Beals’ record setting Ventum One (September 3) – A detailed look at my bike setup with Triathlon Magazine Canada.

PODCAST: Pursuit of the Perfect Race Episode 138 (September 4) – An in-depth look at my IMMT win and course record with Coach Terry Wilson including training, execution, psychology and why I ran a treadmill marathon a few weeks before the race!

PODCAST: Babbittville Radio –  A conversation with the venerable Bob Babbitt about my IMMT win, learning from “the Lion”, mental health, the opportunity cost of Kona, my napping addiction and more!

Photo: Korup Vision
Photo: Korup Vision

PODCAST: Inside the Big Ring – Professional Ironman Champion Cody Beals: Focusing On The Details (September 17) – A conversation with Steve Brandes featuring new insights into my training, lessons from trial and error, aero testing, my season finale at IRONMAN Chattanooga and my coach/mentor David Tilbury-Davis.

INTERVIEW: Cody Beals is ready to roll at IRONMAN Chattanooga – Triathlon Magazine Canada (September 28) – An pre-race interview before my final race of the season at IMChoo.

VIDEO: Live coverage of IRONMAN Chattanooga by IRONMAN Now (Part I & Part II) (September 30) – Full coverage and commentary of my win at IMChoo.

VIDEO: IRONMAN Mont Tremblant & Chattanooga Winning Race Recaps (September 30) – My thoughts after going two-for-two at the full distance including course record power file analyses with Pioneer.

PODCAST: Triathlon Taren (October 1) – A wide-ranging and personal interview with Taren Gessel and “No Triathlon” Kim touching on everything from IMMT, to home renovations, finances, cryptocurrency, past struggles and being the only openly gay male triathlete competing professionally today.

VIDEO: IRONMAN Now 40 Years of Dreams Weekly Show – Episode 15 (October 4) – A brief live interview reflecting on my second IRONMAN win at IMChoo.

Interview (photographersachin)
A post-race interview at IMMT with “The Voice Of Ironman”, Mike Reilly. Photo: Sachin Shrestha (@photographersachin)

PHOTOS: Cody Beals’ Winning Ride (October 4) – Slowtwitch.com profiles the Ventum One rocket ship that I piloted to back-to-back Ironman wins.

VIDEO: IRONMAN Chattanooga Winning Race Recap (October 5) – Reflecting on my second IRONMAN win in as many starts at IMChoo.

INTERVIEW: A Conversation With IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant and Chattanooga Winner Cody Beals (October 6) – A conversation with Ventum about my long-term plan, training and detail-oriented approach to my back-to-back IRONMAN wins.

PODCAST: The Fat Black Podcast #275 (October 8) – A conversation prior to IMChoo about my transparency, past physical and mental health struggles, weight and body composition, stress and coping techniques, self-awareness and self-compassion.

POSTER: A retro-cool poster celebrating my win and course record at IMMT in partnership with Triathlon Ontario. Signed copies for sale with all proceeds benefiting junior/youth programs and Guelph Triathlon Project. (October 11)


IMMT Triathlon Ontario Poster

INTERVIEW: Going long: Factors of success for Cody Beals in the Ironman distance (October 24) – An interview with my coach, David Tilbury-Davis, on our process moving from 70.3 to Ironman racing.

INTERVIEW: Slaying his Demons: A Pro Triathlete’s Journey to Finding Balance (October 25) – Suunto profiles my difficult path to IRONMAN Champion in a short piece that encapsulates my complicated relationship with exercise, compulsiveness, perfectionism, balance & self-compassion.

INTERVIEW: The Data Rules: A Pro Triathlete’s Data Driven Training Approach (November 29) – Suunto shares how I use metrics like power, pace and perceived exertion to get the most out of myself.

INTERVIEW: The Record-Breaking Rookie (December) – A story in Subaru’s Six Star Magazine on my record day at IMMT.

Subaru Record Breaking Rookie _ SS Fall 2018 _ Beals

COVER: Cody Beals Breaks Through – A cover story for Triathlon Magazine Canada on my breakthrough season and recognition as the magazine’s Triathlete of the Year.

TMC cover - Jan 2019 TMC TOC - Jan 2019