Jan 08 2021

My Pro Triathlon Budget: Pandemic Edition

Back by popular demand, here’s the latest edition of my pro triathlon budget, the series that pulls back the curtain on the esoteric business of pro triathlon. As far as financial reports go, I hope this one is at least as enthralling as livestreaming 17 hours of IRONMAN coverage. One thing is for sure: no one is drawn to pro … Continue reading My Pro Triathlon Budget: Pandemic Edition

Dec 08 2020

2020 Media Roundup

PROFILE: Professional Triathletes Organization Biography     ARTICLE: Cody Beals is Triathlon Magazine Canada’s 2019 Men’s Long-Distance Triathlete of the Year (January 10) INTERVIEW: Offseason with the pros: Cody Beals (January 30) – I did things differently this offseason and shared some reflections on the Wattie Ink Blog.     PODCAST: Pursuit of the Perfect Race 344 – Pandemic … Continue reading 2020 Media Roundup

Oct 01 2020

I’m Not Winning 2020 And That’s OK

This year feels like a punch to the gut and few well-placed kicks while I’m down. I haven’t been my best self lately and the perfectionist in me is learning to live with that. Checking your social feeds for the ten thousandth time since March, you’d get the impression that everyone is making the most of <<THESE UNUSUAL TIMES>>. … Continue reading I’m Not Winning 2020 And That’s OK