My quest for the perfect apparel sponsor is finally over: Wattie Ink! Just like my hunt for the ideal bike sponsor, this exhaustive search to find the right fit with apparel—both literally and figuratively—lasted years.

What drew to me Wattie Ink is that it’s so much more than just another apparel company. The quality and performance of their USA-made apparel is second to none, but it’s the distinctive style that really sets it apart. I knew I needed some help in that department! Wattie shakes up the status quo of boring endurance apparel and draws inspiration from fun, fresh and off-the-wall sources. I’m already working with them to design signature kits that reflect both my personal style and obsession with aerodynamics. Beyond all that, Wattie unites a team of athletes of all levels, supporting each other and having fun along the way. I can’t believe how many have reached out to welcome me to the family! I’m beyond stoked to #rocktheW!

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Every elite triathlete has that one season they can point to as their breakthrough year. When Cody Beals’ professional career is behind him—and he’s moved on to putting his physics degree to work as perhaps the world’s next great aerodynamics guru—he’ll look back on 2018 and think: “That was one hell of a year.”

The problem with a breakthrough season is that it’s a tough act to follow. Beals won five races last year, including his first two attempts at Ironman. His maiden 140.6-mile journey at Mont-Tremblant was one of the best Ironman debuts in history; topping the likes of Lionel Sanders to take the win in a record-breaking time of 8:10:36. He backed that up with a win at a swim-less Ironman Chattanooga, making him one of the first athletes to punch his ticket to Kona 2019 under the new qualification system.

It was a dream season. All the stars aligned. It no doubt made for a peaceful off-season, where there was nothing to do but relax and look with optimism toward what lies ahead—right?

Not so much...


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