Ironman 70.3 Campeche

March 19, 2nd place, 3:56:04, Results

I surprised myself at Ironman 70.3 Campeche, taking 2nd against a stacked field including three Olympians, the reigning Xterra World Champion and several Ironman Champions in my season opener. I had a very consistent winter of training despite some major distractions and stresses. Here’s my video recap including some race footage and my Mayan adventure featuring the one and only Leanda Cave.


Edzna ruins

Ironman 70.3 Texas

April 2nd, 9th, 3:53:56, Results

On the heels of a great race in Mexico, I arrived in Texas confident that I could race for the podium again, if not the win. Ironman 70.3 Texas is a special race for me. Three years ago, I made my professional debut here. An impressive, deep start list like the one below would have terrified me back then. In fact, I would have avoided looking at it and seeing my name at the bottom.


That day in 2014, I surprised myself with a 5th place finish and a huge personal best of 3:50:41. I was so clueless that I wore my race shirt at the awards ceremony (apparently a major faux pas for pros)!

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The following year, I found my name little further up the list and my confidence a little higher as well. I came off the bike with Lionel Sanders and Andy Potts. I vividly remember the electric atmosphere as we ran the first of three laps together, our laser focus interrupted only momentarily by a ridiculous mid-race interview with TRS Triathlon. I took 3rd in 3:48:21 in one of my most memorable race experiences.

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These days, checking start lists no longer terrifies me—it fires me up! I now make a point of scrutinizing the contenders and developing a plan of attack. But I’ll never quite get used to seeing my name near the top!

Unfortunately, things didn’t go my way in Texas and I came away with my worst ever triathlon performance, the first time I haven’t earned a paycheck since my flat tire at the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. In this recap, I discuss dealing with disappointment and resisting the urge to DNF on a tough day.

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