I know the “shit ____ say” meme is getting tired, but this post has been on my mind for ages.

How do you get protein?

I bet you’re iron deficient.

 Do you eat animal crackers?

 I was vegetarian for a week but then I got anemic.

 Don’t you miss meat?

 Soy kills sperm.

 Are you anemic?

 I bet this hamburger is totally grossing you out!

 Are you a PETA member?

 But vegetables don’t have any protein…

The next person that asks me about protein is going to get a block of tofu crammed down their throat. Believe it or not, animals do not have a monopoly on protein. Since going veg over three years ago, I have quietly endured the ignorant remarks of the meat-eating masses. Reactions range from curiosity to suspicion, from concern to animosity.

Being a vegetarian athlete is not hard. I don’t spend hours preparing elaborate meals and tracking down obscure ingredients. I don’t take any supplements. My closet isn’t full of tie-dye or hemp. I laugh at raw food vegans just as much as the next person. I don’t obsessively read labels. And with a modicum of effort, the food doesn’t have to be monotonous or bland.

Anyways, I should shut up before this becomes a full-fledged rant. Nothing is worse than a sanctimonious vegetarian. Just please, please stop asking me about protein. And for the record, the only time I miss meat is when I catch the aroma of barbecue after a long workout.