These days every self-respecting endurance athlete is either blogging or is thinking about giving it a shot. Look no further than your bloated blogroll for confirmation. I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for a while and it’s high time I hop the bandwagon.

Blogging is not something I enter into lightly; the internet is littered with orphaned blogs, an eternal testament to the authors’ failure. Every blogger begins with lofty ambitions. After the initial flurry of posts, updates become increasingly sporadic and guilt-ridden, before fizzling out altogether. According to this reputable source, 95% of blogs are eventually abandoned. Like you, I don’t like to fail, even at something as frivolous as blogging.

You are likely thinking: “Why would I read yet another pretentious athlete blog?” Surely you already follow Olympians, aspiring professional-athletes and uber-talented amateurs, none of which describe me. And surely you don’t care that much about the exhilarating world of sub-sub-(sub?)-elite triathlon and running.

So why read this blog? Because here you’ll not find the self-aggrandizing workout reports, the hipster music compilations and the offensive grammar/spelling/punctuation that plague many sports blogs. From my observation (read: daily creeping) of other blogs, discussing workouts is generally a bad idea. Once you start posting the minutiae of daily training, a blog usually deteriorates into a glorified training log.

I’ve concluded that reading about other people’s workouts hurts my athletic self-esteem. I get the impression that everyone else is always kicking ass and taking names, nailing every session and setting daily PBs. What you don’t tend to hear about are the skipped workouts, the off-pace intervals and the DNFs. Everyone sounds like a stud when they cherry pick the workouts they post.

So better to avoid the subject of workouts for the most part. If this disappoints you, question why you would want to read about the training of sub-sub-elite triathlete anyways (and a self-coached one at that). Honestly some people have a perversion for studying others’ workouts!

What will I write about? I’m planning on an eclectic assortment of topics, centered on triathlon and running, but not limited to those subjects. Really, I’m not sure yet so you’ll have to wait and see. I guess you can expect the obligatory race reports from Guelph Lake I and Muskoka Sprint Tris.